Attention Notice – “We Need Your Helps”

Hello Mangaka & Otaku,

This is the first time I send a greeting to you, who have followed and supported me on  Oh No Manga. Thank you very much to all of you.

The reason I’m writing this today is because I’m in need of a little more support from you. Last week, Google updated the algorithm that caused a sudden drop down in traffic as shown below.

As you all know, the cost to maintain the website and image storage is not too much, but for me it is not a small amount while COVID19 makes me still not have a formal job.

More inconvenient, This happened at the same time I was planning a backup website with better page load quality. You can check it at (It is still in the installing and building process.)

Therefore, through this letter, I hope to receive your great help once again for the cost of running the Oh No Manga community in the following ways:


  • Read manga and share my website –


  • Click on the banner ads from, in sometimes (Note: Please do not press too many times and repeatedly, Google will consider it as a illegal click)


  • If you need to search manga, please go directly to the website and patiently search on the Search bar.


  • You can search on Google under the following syntax: “Manga Name + OhNoManga“. Then go to Oh No Manga result.


  • Finally, I would be very happy to receive your Donation through Paypal:


You can see my Paypal profile below:

Please inbox me ASAP when you make the transfer. All of the Sponsors will be honored every month with all of my gratitude <3

Thank you & Thank you !! <3 <3 <3

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