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What is Otaku? This is probably the question of many young people in the world. Many people still wonder why they call this one, the other is Otaku? So how is Otaku defined? And why do they call those people Otaku? Let’s explore the world of Otaku with Oh No Manga.

What is Otaku? How is that called?

Otaku (オ タ ク or お た く) is a Japanese term used by Japanese to refer to those who are too passionate about manga and animation or video games to the point of being bizarre.

Otaku often spend a lot of their money and time shopping for toys and products with their favorite characters’ images, they cosplay themselves into their imaginary characters. They love it to the point that when outsiders look at it, they will think this is insanity and pointlessness.

However, the Otaku often do not notice it, they simply think that it is a personal preference and live in retreat regardless of the surrounding words.

How to recognize an Otaku ?

As mentioned above, Otaku is a term for people who are too passionate about and love something to the point of expressing it intensely.

What is Otaku ? How to realize ? - Oh No Manga
What is Otaku ? How to realize ?

For example, a person loves an Anime or Manga character so much that they hunt for all products that contain the character’s name or image. They chat passionately, find people who share their interests and form a fanbase for the character – that movie.

Otaku are very easy to come across at most Japanese manga or animation stores (commonly referred to as Animate).

And it is often easy to see that, if it is a genuine Otaku they will try to buy and collect entire DVD volume. And if by chance, your story and an Otaku begin with their favorite subject matter, you are sure that your story will be told by that person non-stop.

If you share the same traits, chances are you are already an Otaku and you can confidently identify yourself as an official Otaku.

25 specific signs of identifying an Otaku

When reading here you are curious if you are an Otaku or not, learn 25 ways to recognize below!

  1. Don’t want to listen to European-American musi … just like to listen to anime music.
  2. Films, topics… related to 3D are not interested.
  3. Like to hear Seiyuu’s voice.
  4. Regularly visit Animate chain stores.
  5. You are willing to devote all your energy, energy and time to pursuing otaku hobbies.
  6. In the room full of anime / manga posters, cosplay.
  7. Enjoy learning and learning the fastest pronunciation of the most confusing anime titles.
  8. You remember all character profiles, all of the anime, manga, games …
  9. You are always dreaming about anime, manga …
  10. Extremely fond of dialogues, discussions about anime.
  11. Regularly check Seiyuu’s blog.
  12. You even admit you’re an otaku.
  13. You piled up the doujinshi
  14. You often watch programs related to web anime, radio, video, cartoons.
  15. Find ways to attend anime and seiyuu events.
  16. Nobody wants to have anything to do with you.
  17. Lack of lover is fine, but it is indispensable for anime and manga.
  18. You bought a Dakimakura anime pillow case
  19. Spend a large amount of money buying entire DVD volumes and original works.
  20. Others call you “otaku”.
  21. You often use the word “moe”
  22. You used to play Love Sim
  23. You recognize all the parodies in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  24. Often too busy as summer and winter festivals approach.
  25. You call “Chitanda Eru” as “Erutaso”.

Popular types of Otaku today

If you’ve identified yourself as an Otaku, what kind of modern Otaku should you also define yourself?

What kind of Otaku are you ? - Oh No Manga
What kind of Otaku are you ?

Kakure Otaku

Kakura Otaku, meaning underground otaku, is a popular type of otaku in Japan. The age group involved in this form is usually the teenage group. The way to identify an underground otaku is that they only have 1 PC to interact with other fellow believers and do their favorite things in a secret place.


Itaota is the type of otaku that likes to show off, in contrast to the Kakura Otaku. This is the type of otaku who likes to show off their hobbies without fear of being irritated. If you come to Japan, you can see the image of a car with all pictures in manga, anime or clothes with pictures of the characters in anime.

Realistic Otaku (Riaju Otaku)

People think that Otaku are usually self-contained or active with their own clubs, but not Riaju Otaku is the actual living Otaku, they still participate in social entertainment activities as usual.


Otachim is a type of otaku, also known as weeaboo, often used to refer to those who love 2D culture of Japan. And if you want to be an otaku you will have to accept and use this word.

Synonyms of “Otaku”

There are a few other terms related to Otaku that you may not be aware of.They are:

  • Wapanese: refers to foreigners who are obsessed with Japanese anime manga culture to the point of being crazy.
  • Weeaboo: this word first appeared on 4chan forum and has the same meaning as Wapanese.
  • Wibu: This word was created by the Vietnamese, its meaning…. used to sarcasm Vietnamese fans of Japanese manga and anime to the point of going crazy and out of control.

In general, all these terms are quite similar in meaning, only with different objects for use.

Otaku and negative misunderstandings

There was a time when it was understood in a rather negative sense. At that time, the term Otaku was used to refer to people living outside of society.

There is so many negative prejudices about Otaku - On No Manga
There is so many negative prejudices about Otaku

All of these people spend most of their time at home and not having a love life. At the same time, relationships with those around them also gradually become unfamiliar. Just after a while, if you want to return to your everyday life, it will be difficult to integrate.

In Japan, the term Otaku is used with purposes of disdain or insult. The Japanese in the old days judged that Otaku were people who only care about playing, not interested in the outside life, always plugged into games, manga anime, …

That’s why in the old days in Japan, Otaku is an insult to be mentioned. They impose it on both bizarre and questionable people. Even then, these Otaku were forced to live in seclusion so they wouldn’t be discovered. If you are exposed to your identity, people will be looked at and criticized quite heavily.

Despite this, Otaku also gradually became a unique culture of Japan.

Otaku in other countries

In English, Otaku also means Geek or Nerd. It just makes sense – Otaku are lovers and fans of Japanese anime and manga or games.

A lot of People love Otaku 's culture - Oh No Manga
A lot of People love Otaku ‘s culture

It can be said that thanks to Western society, the term Otaku has become more familiar and popular and its negative meaning has changed.

In general, there are quite a few different definitions and interpretations of Otaku nowadays. And what the meaning of Otaku is will be understood according to the way it is viewed and the environment in which it is used. But no matter what, Otaku is still a school that is loved by many people in many countries around the world.

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